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The SUV Cargo Caddy fits almost any SUV
SUV Cargo Caddy Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What vehicles does the SUV Cargo Caddy fit?
Answer: The SUV Cargo Caddy is designed to fit most domestic SUVs. The mid-size unit will fit most domestic mid-size vehicles. We also offer a full-size and a king-size unit for full-size vehicles such as the Tahoe, Suburban and Excursion. The full-size Cargo Caddy is designed for use with the rear seat in (see dimensions). The king-size Cargo Caddy can be purchased individually or as a pair of units that sit side-by-side in a full-size SUV with the rear seat removed, or in a covered pick up. Pairs ship in two boxes.

Please measure the area you have available and using the chart provided choose the cargo caddy that will best fit your vehicle

Question: How is the Cargo Caddy shipped?
Answer: The SUV Cargo Caddy is shipped directly from the factory. Depending on your location, you can expect it to arrive in 10 to 14 days. Additional shipping charges may apply to those outside the contiguous United States.

The SUV Cargo Caddy fits almost any SUV
Question: How do the dividers that come with the deluxe models work?
Answer: The dividers slide into notches in the SUV Cargo Caddy. You can use the two dividers provided to divide the compartment into thirds, or leave them out for one large area. King-size deluxe units have additional cross-wise dividers for even more versatility.

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